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Health breast cancer search breast cancer symptoms / diagnosis treatment daily life share free breast cancer newsletter! Sign up discuss in my forum what is a compression sleeve? How a compression sleeve helps with arm lymphedema by pam stephan, about. Com guide updated september 05, 2011 about. Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by the medical review board see more about: compression sleeves lymphedema cancer treatment lymphedivas compression sleeve image © lymphedivas llc a compression sleeve is a stretchy elasticized garment that is custom-fitted to your arm, and helps with pain and swelling caused by arm lymphedema. Sometimes a compression sleeve is referred to as a compression garment, compression arm sleeve, lymphedema sleeve or a pressure sleeve. A compression sleeve may be worn during exercise, when traveling by air, or when you need help managing lymphedema. During breast cancer surgery, some of your lymph nodes may be removed and tested in a procedure called axillary lymph node dissection. This is an important step in checking for metastasis, as cancer cells can break off from breast tumors and travel through your lymph system, lodging in your lymph nodes. Your lymph node status is a very important part of your comprehensive diagnosis. However, after your lymph nodes have been removed, you are at risk for developing arm lymphedema, a condition that may cause swelling of your surgery-side hand and arm. Let your doctor know if you are experiencing lymphedema, and try to get a referral to a lymphedema therapist. A specialist can help guide you in choosing from the different types of compression sleeves. You may need a prescription from your doctor, to file a claim with your insurance company and help cover the cost of compression sleeves. Compression sleeves are available in different weights and fabrics, as well as a variety of colors. While some sleeves cover only your arm, others extend down your palm. If you are having hand lymphedema, you can also get gauntlets and fingerless gloves that offer some compression. If your are worried about pulling on a tight sleeve, or concerned that the sleeve may slip down while you're doing arm exercises, you can use some light adhesive to keep the sleeve in place, or a lotion that helps you slide the sleeve on more easily. Sources: lymphedema (pdq®) - treatment of lymphedema. buy generic viagra buy generic viagra viagra for sale buy viagra buy viagra online buy viagra buy generic viagra usa viagra online generic viagra online cheap viagra online National cancer institute. Last modified: 04/01/2009. Lymphedema: what every woman with breast cancer should know. American cancer society. Last revised: 07/21/2008. Suggested reading lymphedema basics lyphedema arm exercises arm lymphedema and weight lifting related topics axillary lymph node dissection sentinel node biopsy water exercise for arms breast cancer and your risk breast cancer risk myths test your breast cancer knowledge reduce your breast cancer risk related articles l. If you are considering ordering a unique hand crafted instrument, or just browsing, I appreciate your visit to this site and hope you will drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.