Completed Instruments

Some of these instruments are in my inventory and are available to purchase. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email.

Cricket Ghost was compleated in April of '09' and has Sipo back and sides, a Lutz spruce top and Indian rosewood bindings, fret board and bridge. This instrument is a light wieght and responsive guitar. Its streight forward, no-frills construction is in contrast to its rich and bright tone.
Chris Devine's mandolin project produced an instrument with an arch top and a vaulted back. It was a pleasure to work with Chris on this instrument and I appreciated his support of the artistic direction this build went through.

Arrow was competed in June of 08 for exhibiting at the Montreal Guitar Festival and is made of Black Limba for the back and sides with a Lutz Spruce top, Sycamore bindings and a Cocobolo bridge and fret board. Arrow, with its double cutaway design, allows access to upper frets and produces a rich, tone.
Gabe was competed in December of 07 and has Imbuia back and sides with a Lutz spruce top, Eucalyptus bindings and a Rosewood bridge and fret board. This instrument, with its pierced rosette, offers a unique lute-like appearance that also helps to produce a warm, even tone.
the Zorzi Guitar Page Z1SJ Guitar was competed in July of 2006 and has Palo Escrito Rosewood back and sides, with a Lutz spruce top, E. Indian Rosewood bindings, Tulip wood bridge and fret board. This Instrument has a full tone and supports a wide range of playing styles. Listen to Z1SJ.
I had the pleasure of working with Jim Henry to build this chamber bodied electric 12 string guitar. The top is of curly Anigre and it has a laminated, through-the-body constructed neck for best sustain and strong tone. A "0" fret was used for the neck also which contributes to the low action and playability.

This is a MIDI controller/acoustic. Music generated by this instrument can be heard on the Music Page
This mid-size, 14 1/2 fret-to-body Guitar has a curly maple back and sides with a maple neck and a Sitka spruce top. A bright look and a big sound.
This Guitar was built with guidance from Luthier William Cumpiano and has Black Acacia back and sides with a Sitka spruce "bear claw" figured top.
This is a special hybrid instrument I'm calling a Mandolele. This Instrument is available in many configurations and tone wood combinations.