Cricket Ghost

This guitar design was initially inspired by insect body shapes. The idea that a cricket can make so much sound from such a small body has always intrigued me. The body shape has an organic quality and provides some player comfort. The idea of the name however goes back to a good friend from High School who had named her guitar "Cricket". I always thought that was clever.

The ghost idea originated from my experience at the Montreal Guitar Festival. A player kept coming back to my table and claimed one of my guitars was "haunting" him. I took that as a compliment and set myself a challenge to build a guitar that will "haunt" a player. The egg-shaped sound hole also reminded me of a ghost mouth so that's why I call it a "ghost hole".

This guitars light construction likely contributes to its bright and clear responsiveness. Its tonal balance and separation make it suitable for finger-style playing although it seems to work for blues as well. I am not sure yet if other pro-players will find this guitar as haunting as I have during its first few weeks of life, but I have documented this build and can easily reproduce its construction if requested to do so.