On The Bench

The Double-Neck Project for Ian Ethan Case.

      It is a great pleasure working with Ian on this project. Although It has taken some twists and turns over the years, we have worked out a truly one-of-a-kind instrument that will hopefully help inspire More new musical journeys for Ian.

   Of all the plans we had for this instrument, first was to build a solid construction for switching tunings, yet have an acoustic tone and timbre. The pickup systems and electronics installed are hoped to interface with Ian's looping rig and provide a wide variety of options and expanded capabilities.

The following images are a few of the highlight moments during the building process.

Gluing the double X bracing on an Italian spruce top.

The necks, as identical as I could manage, are connected into the block and rail system that should provide both solid construction with adjustability.

The removable necks are convenient for stringing up the guitar to refine position of bridges and saddles before the rest of the electronics get installed.

Among the ready-made systems installed for Ian's DN is a costumed set of magnetic pickups that I created myself. We needed pickups that would work on a single string so Ian could choose one or more combinations of strings, sending a discrete bass signal to his rig. I will likely be creating a page dedicated to my development and insights of magnetic pickups vary soon.

There was a concern that, since they are magnetic, they may pick up some of the electronic sound from the Vo-96 units. I decided mounting them at the fret board extension should get them a distance away to minimize noise.

In fact, isolation was an important factor with the installation of each system going into this instrument. Much thought went into the plan and design for this purpose. The large "hatch" opening was essential for the install, testing and maintenance of the pickup systems and the Vo-96 units.

Ian was inspired by the sound of the Vo-96's created by Inventor Paul Vo, http://voinventions.com/. These marvelous devices transform the sound of this guitar giving Ian an extensive sonic pallet to his creations. We are all looking forward to what Ian may do with this instrument.